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Supporting you on your feeding journey

I have always felt strongly about the importance of parents being supported & informed on their journey into parenthood. 


I am passionate about breastfeeding, but more importantly I am passionate about parents being supported to make informed choices about how they feed their baby, however that might be.

For nearly two decades I have worked alongside many families, providing specialist feeding support & education in Neonatal Intensive Care units in the UK & Australia. I also work in private practice facilitating workshops and providing 1:1 support in the home.


I have many years experience supporting mothers/parents of premature babies transition to exclusive breastfeeding, supporting parents of multiples reach their feeding goals & supporting parents with low supply. 


A highlight in my own maternal journey was the birth of my two children and I am grateful that I was able to breastfeed them both. I strongly believe that it was the support and guidance I was given that enabled and enhanced my experience.

 I offer a range of services, both before and after the birth of your baby. I will share evidence based, unbiased information with you and support you with your choices.


My intention is to leave you feeling excited & informed, supporting you to confidently make choices that feel right for you, your baby and your family.


Imogen Unger She/Her

Lactation Consultant, IBCLC
Senior Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
Joint BFI Lead
Diploma Hypnobirthing (KG)

Photo by Emily Gray Photography
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