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My Services
Antenatal Consultation

Before your baby is born you may like to have a session with me to help you prepare for the first few hours, days and weeks with your baby. This will help with reducing any anxieties and will support you to feel more confident. We can plan a session together focusing on helping you achieve your feeding‬ goals.

Some topics we could cover

  • How to have a great start

  • Benefits of breastfeeding for both you & your baby

  • How to have skin to skin and the why

  • How breastfeeding works

  • Normal breastfed baby behavior

  • Positioning & attachment

  • Initiating & maintaining a good milk supply

  • How to know that your baby is “getting enough”

  • Empowering you to cope confidently with common breastfeeding hurdles

Postnatal Consultation

A private consultation to build on your knowledge, encourage confidence & address any concerns. This visit will include (though not exhaustive)

  • A bespoke consultation matched to you & your baby’s clinical history

  • A thorough observation & assessment of you & your baby’s breastfeeding or bottle feeding technique 

  • Positioning & attachment support & guidance

  • A maternal breast assessment, if required

  • An infant oral assessment, if required

  • Tips and information for practical management of breastfeeding

  • Answers to any breast/chest feeding questions 

  • Answers to any bottle feeding questions

  • Paced Responsive bottle feeding/Elevated Side Lying

  • A detailed plan tailored to your individual needs to help you reach your breastfeeding goals, taking into consideration lifestyle, circumstances and preferences

  • Support with initiating lactation or relactation

  • Support with breastfeeding following breast surgery 

  • Specialist preterm breastfeeding support

                         Specialist feeding support with a IBCLC in your own home

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