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I can not recommend Imogen enough! My newborn and I ran into a few issues with breastfeeding and Imogen was able to assist straight away, helping us to get on the right path to easier and pain free feeding. Imogen is super professional and knowledgeable but most of all she is friendly and compassionate. Her gentle approach was comforting and she helped me to feel understood and at ease. She is a fountain of knowledge and provided some really useful tips and great resources to change how we were breastfeeding for the better! I'd recommend to get a consult whether this be your first baby or third. It really can make all the difference to have this kind of support!

Leata, Mum to Iah

I would recommend Imogen to anyone considering breastfeeding or who is having challenges; don't give up. Speak to Imogen & get some positive, practical support. You can do it; you've got it in you & Imogen can help you realise that. 

Thank you Imogen - we got there in the end & I'm so glad we did X

Charlotte, Mum to Amelia

I never imagined we would get this far & really feel it's all down to your help & expertise as the community midwives & breastfeeding cafes didnt spot her tongue tie or realise that it had reattached.

Olivia, Mum to Rosie


Secondly, thank you so much for your time, and so much advice via email. Eddie and I found the session really reassuring and it cleared up a lot of question marks for us.

Katie, Mum to Edie 


Laidback feeding has been a real lifesaver. Thanks so much for your help! Lenny loved your dolls.

Chrissie, Mum to Alfie


Due to a tricky start in life, our daughter Eugenia was put on formula at 3 days old after an A&E admission. As we had been determined to breastfeed, my husband and I felt hugely deflated and concerned that we'd be unable to continue to breastfeed. Imogen was recommended to us by a friend, and her support meant we were able to steadily wean Eugenia back on to the breast from the formula. She is now a healthy and happy 12 week old, and I am a happy and confident breastfeeding mother!

Ellie, Mum to Genie


The feeding is going very well and regularly and she is latching on easily now (without the nipple shield). Thank you so much for your help. We had lots of people giving us tips on how to breastfeed but nothing seemed to work. You managed to solve the issue immediately. We are so glad we asked for your help when we did. Many thanks.

Joseph & Aisling parents of Dubheasa 

Breastfeeding Support with a IBCLC in your own home



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